L i k e  a n  E a g l e  - 

C o m p l e t e  M i d i  a n d  V o c a l  S a m p l e  P a c k 

N e v e r  G i v e  U p  - 

F u l l   C o m p o s i t i o n  A c a p e l l a 

Talking Vocal Hooks -

Volume 1

license and copyright information:

- Keep it Sample Vol.1 includes Vocals and Lyrics written and Produced by Lokka Vox and is Published and Registered to @Neulight

  Publishing (Pty) Ltd South Africa.


- a 40/60% split in favor of you (The Producer) will be applicable.  


- In the event of a Record Label Distribution, accreditation (featuring) of The Artist name Lokka Vox is Compulsory in the Title of your 

  work/single/track and in the Distribution contract issued by the Label and the appointed Publisher. 


- All information and works can be sent to lokka.vox@gmail.com

- Thank you for your Co Operation. 


Lokka Vox  

 © 2011-2020 LOKKA VOX All rights reserved WorldWide

Bookings: Dan Martell-Gardiner | Evolved Artists Ltd - dan@evolvedartists.com


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