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Lokka vox Recordings


Lokka Vox original vocals are exclusive and will not be sold, distributed or copied by any other producer, vocalist, sample or acapella website, unless permission by all parties involved were granted.


An advance vocal fee of $450 is required with a NON REFUNDABLE 50% deposit before any recording can occur.  This is an advance fee, and is fully recoupable by the (Producer / Label / Company) with royalty payouts until completed to the value of $450.

If you would like to complete 3 or more songs with LOKKA VOX a package deal for $300 Advance for each track is available.  Same process apply as above.  


A standard 50/50 split of all Licensing, Publishing, Distribution and Royalties between the (Producer / Label / Company) and Lokka Vox.


Once Lokka Vox has received your instrumental track in mp3 as well as the 50% deposit, a mp3 Vocal Demo is recorded for review and corrections.  This step can be repeated 3 times.  


After completed payment, FX vocals mixed and edited in separate stems and DRY Stems partly mixed will be delivered.


Only PayPal Payments are accepted.  Please note all transfer fee's are NOT included. 


Please provide all details for Invoice if required.

lokka vox Vocal Showcase 2020

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