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Terms and conditions

Collaborative agreements

and exclusive Lokka vox Recordings

Lokka Vox exclusive Vocals include a Complete Acapella with original Lyrics, Leads, Harmonies, Adlibs, Vocal Processing completely polished and mixed with FX as well as DRY stems.  


An advance vocal fee of $750 is required with a 50% deposit before any recording can occur.  This is an advance fee, and is fully recoupable by the (Producer / Label / Company) with royalty payouts until completed to the value of $750.


All Licensing, Publishing, Distribution and Royalties will be evenly shared as a contractual agreement between all parties involved in the composition of the entire production and The Record Label responsible for the release. 


Once your Deposit has been received, please provide a completed Unmastered instrumental consisting of at least 3 minutes long.  A Vocal Demo will be recorded for review and adjustments if required until all parties are pleased with the final result.  


After completed payment, FX vocals mixed and edited in separate stems and DRY Stems partly mixed will be delivered.

Please let me know if you would like a INVOICE and provide all details required.  

PAYPAL - Address:

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